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Lada Grant motorhome. Success is just around the corner, but there are pitfalls

06.10.2019 0 Comments

Lada Grant motorhome. Success is just around the corner, but there are pitfalls


You can manage with category B and average income (oh, if she had another engine …).

Who did not want to go on a trip in a motorhome at least once? You wake up in the morning, make a coffee for yourself, go up to the window, and behind it you have a ridge with snowy peaks because you didn’t wake up in an apartment, but in a motorhome far away from the cities. A chic image, but only a few can make it their reality, are motorhomes so that most people don’t approach.

Lada Grant motorhome (not a joke). Success is not far off, but there are serious disadvantages


Perhaps in the near future everything will change, and the domestic manufacturer, whom they love to joke so much, will greatly contribute to this. On the basis of the Lada Grant, the VIS (pickup) was designed by a motorhome. Two companies, LLC Lux Form and LLC Avtokemper Prom, worked on its creation. Manufacturers considered the Grant pickup design reliable enough for a car to carry a house.

The house has everything you need, a double bed, a shower, a toilet, a stove, a refrigerator, a table and several cabinets. Of course, there is crowded, a house for only two. But any driver will be able to control this car, category B is quite right. This, in my opinion, is very cool. After all, ordinary motorhomes, not only are they expensive, they also require special rights, category C or E, if the house is in the form of a trailer.

Lada Grant motorhome

The review of the motorhome on the basis of Lada Grants was carried out by the author of the Wonder of Technology Youtube channel. He tried to enter the turn at a sufficiently high speed and he succeeded, the car on the road stands steadily and steers well. Nothing was said about how fast it accelerates. The manufacturer claims that the caravan will be able to move at speeds up to 110 km / h.

Lada Grant motorhome. Price

In the basic configuration (with shower and toilet), this vehicle costs 1.78 million rubles. For a new motorhome, this is very small. Moreover, if you already have a Grant pickup, then you can separately buy an empty kung (the body-house itself) for 400 thousand rubles with installation on your car. Manufacturers plan to supply a grant-motorhome to Europe. Traveling in mobile homes is very common there, and the car will simply not have competitors in this price category. Who of the wealthy, but frugal, say, Germans would not want to buy a brand new small motorhome for 24 thousand euros?

Inside the Lada Grant Motorhome

It seems to me that a fully domestic motorhome will find its buyer in our country:

lifting price; it is not necessary to open a new category in rights; small dimensions. Monster-like motor homes with their dimensions scare away, where to put it? This baby can be parked exactly where your sedan is parking today. everything is done neatly and ergonomically inside. Of course, all the imperfections and “dampness” will be visible after the reviews of the real owners, but so far everything looks so that the mosquito of the nose will not tarnish.

A spoon of tar

It scares me that in Grant they left an 8-valve engine with a capacity of 87 horsepower and a volume of 1.6 liters. I know its capabilities very well, as I have already traveled 170,000 km on this. In a serious mountain, on the pass, a car with four not very large people drives out in second gear. Had to tow another passenger car on the highway. At a speed of 70 km / h the fan almost does not turn off – it’s hard for the car.

Lada Grants 8-valve engine

I could not find how much this motor home would weigh. The VIS Grant itself weighs 1,150 kg; the permitted maximum weight is 1,900 kg. I believe that about the same amount will weigh the caravan. This is a lot for such an engine, if it constantly carries such a heavy load, it will not last long. In addition, it will be difficult to go to the mountains on it, but where else to go on a motorhome, if not to the mountains?

In general, the engine is a big question. Maybe I'm very wrong, and the camper van weighs less than two tons, but hardly. In addition, it should be borne in mind that more people will go, and things, and provisions.

Write in the comments what you think about the Grant-based motorhome, would you buy yourself one?

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