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Less tracking. IOS 13 enhanced Bluetooth security

01.10.2019 0 Comments

Less tracking. IOS 13 enhanced Bluetooth security


Now no connections in stealth mode.

Updating to iOS 13 brings many useful features to the iPhone. Apple has seriously worked on the operating system, making it more functional, convenient and safe. This affected the operation of Bluetooth.


Bluetooth on iPhone

After updating the iPhone to iOS 13, some users began to notice oddities. Many applications began to request access to Bluetooth. And even those that in their functionality should not do this, for example, Tinder.

Apple boosts user privacy. Therefore, in new versions of iOS, when you first launch applications that previously had access to Bluetooth, you will be asked for permission from the user to connect. Recall that measures to enhance user privacy will also affect access to the geolocation – this was commented on by Facebook.

Source: KnowTechie

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