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LG creates a personal air purifier in the form of a medical mask

07.09.2020 0 Comments

LG creates a personal air purifier in the form of a medical mask


PuriCare unique protective face mask.

LG will show its new product on September 3 at one of the most anticipated electronics exhibitions of this year IFA 2020. Based on home filters for air purification, the PuriCare electronic mask will be equipped with a breathing sensor. Two powerful fans and H-13 filters will completely purify the inhaled air.


An ultrasensitive sensor is installed inside the mask, which determines the rate and volume of breathing. Depending on this, the smart-mask regulates the operation of the double three-layer fans.

LG PuriCare face mask

The company is confident that the mask is completely safe, it fits snugly to the nose and mouth. The device has a powerful 820 mAh battery, which will provide operation in various modes for up to 8 hours.

Outwardly, the gadget resembles an ordinary respirator. The sleek white body attaches behind the ears with comfortable silicone earhooks. The manufacturer also presented a mask cover equipped with ultraviolet sterilizers. It kills harmful germs, both inside the device and outside. The PuriCare case charges the mask's battery and even sends notifications to your smartphone when removable filter protectors need to be replaced.

Despite the relevance of the gadget, LG representatives have not yet answered the main question: how smart a mask will cope with protecting the user from coronavirus infection. The cost of the device is also still unknown.

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