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Like in the USA. Shops without sellers will appear in Russia

21.05.2020 0 Comments

Like in the USA. Shops without sellers will appear in Russia


Testing has already begun.

Sberbank, Visa and the Alphabet of Taste will create stores without cash desks and sellers in Russia. As part of a pilot project, companies are testing the technology behind closed doors at a small number of buyers in the ABC of Taste store in the Moscow City business center. Within a month, restrictions will be lifted and all visitors will be able to try out the "store of the future".


Like in the USA. Shops without sellers will appear in Russia

The store without cash desks and sellers is based on computer vision technology. A special monitoring system monitors the quantity of goods, determining the goods selected by the buyer. The system makes up a customer’s virtual basket, taking into account all goods taken from the shelves. The product returned by the buyer is automatically deleted from his virtual check.

After choosing the right products, the buyer can freely leave the store. The total amount of purchases will be debited from his credit card upon exit. Then the buyer will receive a push notification with the list of purchases and the amount debited.

In order to purchase goods in such a store, customers need to register in the Take & Go mobile application from Sberbank. The application requires you to enter your Visa credit card information, which will be used to withdraw money for purchases.

Sberbank believes that stores without cash desks and sellers in the near future may become common. Consumers will get used to them as quickly as contactless payments, the bank believes.

Source: RBC.

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