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MegaFon launches iPhone sales at Tmall. Prices pleasantly surprise

15.11.2019 0 Comments

MegaFon launches iPhone sales at Tmall. Prices pleasantly surprise


There will be discounts.

The mobile operator MegaFon became the first authorized Apple retailer in Russia to launch official sales on the Tmall AliExpress trading platform. The MegaFon store on Tmall opened on November 11, the day the big sale started, dedicated to the modern Chinese holiday, Bachelor’s Day.

MegaFon launches iPhone sales at Tmall. Why is it important to follow


iPhone on Tmall

MegaFon’s online store on Tmall sells Apple iPhone smartphones, traditionally popular among site users. According to the representative of AliExpress in Russia, Anton Panteleev, iPhone is one of a small number of products that buyers are looking for by direct request. In this regard, it is expected that the demand for iPhone in the MegaFon online store at Tmall will be large.

In the future, MegaFon may launch sales of SIM cards on Tmall. This will happen if regulators approve this type of sales.

Prices pleasantly surprise

The Tmall marketplace is famous for its low prices for equipment, including Apple devices. MegaFon will try to comply with Tmall and offer iPhone discounts. This is confirmed by the prices of the very first iPhone models that the operator began to sell on Tmall:

iPhone 7 32 GB – 24 691 rubles. iPhone XR 64 GB – 42 491 rubles.

At the time of writing, MegaFon has launched sales of only these two iPhone models on Tmall.

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