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MIPT scientists invented a device to simulate memory

03.09.2019 0 Comments

MIPT scientists invented a device to simulate memory


The device works on a principle similar to synapses of neurons in the brain.

Russian scientists from the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology have developed a memristor that has a structure similar to a biological synapse. The device stores information by placing it in memory cells. Then, the stored data is gradually “forgotten” if it has not been requested for a long time. An article was published in the American scientific journal ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, which disclosed the technical details of the device.


Neural networks

The memristor provides signal transmission between memory cells. It represents a ferroelectric transition of two electrodes connected to each other by a gasket of hafnium oxide. Electrical impulses change the resistance level of the memristor. High conductivity encodes unity, and low conductivity encodes zero.

Testing a neuromorphic computer has shown encouraging results. However, researchers have already encountered difficulties. Despite the excellent results of testing the reliability of the memristor (over 100 billion switching), in practice, the device showed unpredictable changes in behavior over time, as well as frequent breakdowns during prolonged operation. MIPT scientists intend to continue to study the properties of hafnium oxide to increase the reliability of memory cells.

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