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"Monobrow" remains. iPhone 12 only cut the bangs

15.04.2020 0 Comments

"Monobrow" remains. iPhone 12 only cut the bangs


Alas, it will not disappear (yet).

Apple will not be able to completely abandon the protruding upper frame of the display in the new smartphones from the iPhone 12. According to Bloomberg sources, in new iPhone models, the upper frame of the screen will be reduced, but not completely eliminated.


"Monobrow" remains. iPhone 12 only cut the bangs

Bloomberg sources have confirmed previous leaks that Apple will retain the “bangs” in the new generation iPhone. This fear was previously expressed by several insiders at once, each of which referred to its own sources at Apple. Their information is now verified by verified insiders from Bloomberg.

How much Apple will reduce the "bang" in the iPhone 12 is not specified. On previously rendered renders of future iPhone models, the top frame was often portrayed as halved. In addition, the iPhone 12 with a cropped bang was shown by an insider @choco_bit, who found a schematic image of a smartphone in iOS 14 code.

"Monobrow" remains. iPhone 12 only cut the bangs

Bloomberg also confirmed that smartphones from the iPhone 12 line are waiting for a big redesign in the style of iPhone 4 and the latest iPad Pro models. We talked about this earlier.

Source: Bloomberg.

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