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MTS named the most popular tariff this fall

09.10.2019 0 Comments

MTS named the most popular tariff this fall


Subscribers choose.

The mobile operator MTS called the tariff plan to which the largest number of subscribers switched in the fall of 2019. According to data from the MTS official website, the Tariff Plan, which provides unlimited Internet, has become this tariff.


MTS named the most popular tariff this fall

The most popular tariff with MTS

"Tariff" remains the leading tariff plan of the MTS operator. It is not known exactly how many subscribers switched to the tariff, MTS has not yet disclosed this data.

The main feature of the tariff is unlimited Internet. It is provided both in the home region and when traveling in Russia. Also, the tariff plan provides from 500 minutes of calls and SMS with the possibility of flexible settings.

MTS named the most popular tariff this fall

In some regions, MTS promotes "Tariff" very aggressively. For example, in Moscow, the operator offers the first month on the tariff plan for free. It is assumed that such promotions make the tariff so popular.

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