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Named probable innovation iOS 14

03.12.2019 0 Comments

Named probable innovation iOS 14


Apple will twist the Clock.

In the iOS 14 operating system, the standard Clock application can be improved. Apple developers are considering adding more flexible settings for alarms and timers to the application.


Named probable innovation iOS 14

The probable innovation of iOS 14 was recalled by the journalists of Business Insider. According to leaks from 2017, Apple planned to implement improvements in the Clock application in iOS 12. However, due to the technical orientation of the firmware, application changes were delayed.

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In iOS 13, the Clock app has remained unchanged. Most likely, Apple will add the previously planned improvements in iOS 14. It is expected that the Clock application will be able to adjust various parameters related to alarms and timers. In particular, users will be able to choose after what period of time it is necessary to repeat the alarm. Currently, iOS by default repeats the alarm after nine minutes.

Also in iOS 14, more flexible timer settings may appear.

Earlier it became known that Apple will change the development principle of iOS 14, so that there will be a minimum of flaws in the firmware.

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