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Named the best versions of iOS

19.11.2019 0 Comments

Named the best versions of iOS


The choice of users.

Which version of iOS was the best? A survey among iPhone users on the popular Reddit resource showed that the owners of Apple smartphones most remember two firmware.


Named the best versions of iOS

What is the best version of iOS

According to a survey among users, the best firmware for the iPhone is iOS 6 and iOS 12. The iOS 6 operating system was noted for the speed and responsiveness of the interface, which, according to users, disappeared after the release of iOS 7 in a completely updated design. IPhone owners also warmly recall skeuomorphism in the design of iOS 6.

In addition to iOS 6, a large number of positive reviews were collected by the operating system iOS 12. Many users called it the best for the absence of serious problems, high speed and excellent optimization with regard to battery consumption.

And which version of iOS is the best in your opinion?

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