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Named the most disastrous gadget of the decade

05.01.2020 0 Comments

Named the most disastrous gadget of the decade


"Explosive device.

Journalists of The Verge published a list of the most important disappointments of the past decade. According to the rating, the most disastrous gadget of the last ten years was the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphone, which was withdrawn from sale due to an exploding battery.


Named the most disastrous gadget of the decade

According to experts, in the first days after the release of the Galaxy Note 7 was called by browsers one of the best smartphones in 2016. However, within a month after the launch of the device around the world, more than 30 cases of smartphone battery fire were recorded. It turned out that Samsung released the Galaxy Note 7 with a defective battery. Because of this, the company had to recall all sold smartphones and stop selling the gadget.

Despite the failure of the Galaxy Note 7, Samsung has not abandoned the Note line of smartphones. Samsung executives apologized to consumers and promised that this would never happen. Then Samsung annually released new Galaxy Note, in which no problems with the batteries did not arise.

Also among the failed gadgets in The Verge noted "smart" glasses Google Glass, an Amazon Fire phone and 3D-TVs. As for the biggest failure of the decade according to the publication, he recognized the chairman of the US Federal Communications Commission Ajit Pai, who was the initiator of the abolition of the principle of network neutrality.

Source: The Verge.

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