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Named the perfect time for a bargain iPhone purchase

26.02.2020 0 Comments

Named the perfect time for a bargain iPhone purchase


When is the cheapest time to buy an iPhone?

The acquisition of iPhone in Russia is the most profitable in February or March. This was established by Yandex.Market experts who analyzed the change in prices for Apple smartphones from January 1, 2019 to February 11, 2020.

Named the perfect time for a bargain iPhone purchase


Experts at Yandex.Market found out that during the year there are two major waves of iPhone price cuts. The first big decline is recorded in early autumn, almost immediately after the presentation of new iPhone models. The second massive decrease in the cost of Apple smartphones occurs in February-March. During this period, the price of mobile devices decreases the most.

Also, experts called the iPhone models, which fell more than others over the year of observation. They turned out to be the iPhone XS with 64 GB of memory and the iPhone 11 with 512 GB of memory. Note that the Yandex.Market study took into account not only official retail, in which the price of the iPhone 11 is still unchanged.

Earlier, we talked about the fact that the iPhone 7 sank in price to a record low.

Source: Yandex.Market.

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