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Named the presentation date of the PlayStation 5

02.06.2020 0 Comments

Named the presentation date of the PlayStation 5



Sony has announced a presentation of the new generation PlayStation 5 game console. The presentation will take place on June 4 at 23:00 Moscow time. As part of the event, Sony will have to show the console itself, exclusive games for it and, probably, announce the price of new items.


Named the presentation date of the PlayStation 5

At the presentation, Sony will show the PlayStation 5 console for the first time. Previously, the company has repeatedly fueled interest in the presentation. Sony separately showed the controller for the PlayStation 5 and held a technical presentation, which revealed the characteristics of the console. In particular, Sony boasted that an SSD-drive with a record speed of up to 5.5 Gb / s will be installed in the PlayStation 5.

The start of sales of the PlayStation 5 will be held at the end of the year, as Sony announced earlier. The company plans to start selling the console before the winter holiday season. This will happen in November-December 2020.

Earlier, Sony representatives confirmed that despite the difficult epidemiological situation in the world, the company's plans to launch the PlayStation 5 have not changed.

Source: Sony.

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