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New 5nm SoC A14 Bionic for iPhone 12 impresses with performance in first tests

18.03.2020 0 Comments

New 5nm SoC A14 Bionic for iPhone 12 impresses with performance in first tests


As expected, the upcoming iPhone 12 smartphone will receive the A14 Bionic processor, manufactured according to the standards of the 5-nanometer process by TSMC. And according to the first leaks of test results, this chip has an impressive margin of performance.

According to leaks, the new chip has overcome the frequency threshold of 3 GHz – for the first time for Apple A-Series processors. The device demonstrates high performance for both single-core and multi-core testing modes. In the following image you can see the test results of the A12X Bionic chips (left) and A14 Bionic (right).


iPhone 12 could be faster than iPad Pro thanks to new A14 Bionic processor, preliminary tests claim

And if the A12X Bionic, which was used in the 2018-2019 iPad Pro tablet, was comparable with some Intel processors, then the new chipset should already be more productive than some CPUs in laptops. Thus, the new chip, theoretically, can even be used as part of MacBook's own laptops.

We add that in the third quarter of this year, four models of the iPhone 12 smartphone are expected to be presented at once. And according to preliminary data, they will all receive the same A14 Bionic processor. Thus, buyers of all four models can expect the same level of performance.

Source: wccftech

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