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New Apple Streaming Details Revealed

13.07.2019 0 Comments


The future Apple video service, the presentation of which can take place on March 25, will start work no earlier than mid-April, he learned Bloomberg. This is due to the need for additional testing of certain aspects of the platform, which will combine the exclusive content produced by Apple itself, as well as programs and TV shows from cable TV channels. But films and TV shows made by Netflix and HBO studios are not worth waiting for at the company's site. They will have to look somewhere else.

New Apple Streaming Details Revealed


According to CNBC, Apple originally planned to create one of the largest in terms of content streaming video services, combining a large number of movies and TV shows, including from Netflix, HBO and Hulu. However, due to disagreements over the payment of royalties in Cupertino were forced to abandon this venture. This means that subscribers of the Apple platform, unfortunately, will not be able to see the “House of Cards” and the final season of the Game of Thrones.

Watch TV shows for free in good quality

In order to attract the widest possible audience to the service at the start, Apple decided not to restrict access to video content to subscribers only. Some TV shows, movies and TV shows will be available to everyone absolutely free. This business model, in particular, is fundamentally different from the one that underlies Apple Music, which requires a valid subscription to listen to all the songs and watch clips on the platform without exception.

As Apple attaches great importance to video service, its presentation, which will be held on March 25, will be attended by several Hollywood stars. They will be actors and directors who have participated in Apple's own projects. To date, confirmed the participation of director Jay Jay Abrams, as well as actresses Jennifer Aniston, Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Garner. According to rumors, a separate program will be prepared for them at the event, within which they will share backstage details from the shooting.

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