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New misfortune. Remote apps gobble up iPhone traffic

25.03.2020 0 Comments

New misfortune. Remote apps gobble up iPhone traffic


IPhone owners are unhappy.

IPhone users running various versions of iOS 13 have complained about a new unusual issue. According to numerous complaints on the Apple forum and Reddit, iPhone may actively consume mobile traffic from remote applications. The fact that the remote applications "devour" the traffic is reported by the operating system itself.


New misfortune. Remote apps gobble up iPhone traffic

Faced with a problem, users reported the appearance of an unusual item in the statistics of mobile traffic consumption. Statistics show that traffic is consumed by remote applications. At the same time, in most cases, such applications accounted for the majority of the consumed traffic.

New misfortune. Remote apps gobble up iPhone traffic

Some users admitted that they had a problem when they were in other countries while roaming. The use of hundreds of megabytes of mobile traffic in roaming led to impressive Internet bills, said disgruntled iPhone owners.

“In support of Apple, they told me that the problem had been known since January, but there was no update or explanation of where the traffic was spent,” wrote one of the users who encountered the problem in Forbes.

Also, users noted that this is not a glitch in the iOS 13 interface. The traffic is really leaving, as evidenced by the granularity of mobile Internet consumption. According to some iPhone owners, their smartphones during the next such “attack” of traffic consumption by remote applications even began to get very hot.

Apple did not comment on the situation. The company is currently testing a major update to iOS 13.4, due out in late March.

Source: Forbes.

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