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Not just iPhones. Apple creates two new devices

20.04.2020 0 Comments

Not just iPhones. Apple creates two new devices


We are waiting for them in 2020.

Apple is developing two new devices that the company plans to release in 2020. According to Bloomberg, Apple is creating a compact and cheaper version of the “smart” HomePod speaker and Apple AirTags Bluetooth tag.


Not just iPhones. Apple creates two new devices

Sources of the publication did not disclose details about the new Apple devices, only confirming that their development is ongoing and the company plans to release gadgets in 2020. The next-generation HomePod smart column will become twice as compact and will be sold at a reduced price compared to the full-size model. Whether Apple implements Russian language support on HomePod with the launch of a mini-version of the column is unknown.

As for the Apple AirTags Bluetooth tag, the brand-new device for Apple has repeatedly appeared in iOS code. The latest leak, which confirmed Apple’s plans to release AirTags, did happen on the company's official YouTube channel. The device will allow users to track any things through the Locator service by attaching AirTags to them.

Earlier, Bloomberg reported that Apple will redesign the iPhone 12. The company will release new smartphones with a design in the style of the latest generation iPad Pro. The new iPhone will have rectangular square faces with more sharply rounded corners. Thus, Bloomberg confirmed a big leak from the authoritative analyst Min-Chi Kuo, who at the end of last year announced Apple's plans to release iPhone 12 in the style of iPhone 4.

Source: Bloomberg.

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