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OLX: Android owners most often look for bikes and sneakers, while iOS users look for iPhones and accessories. [инфографика]

21.07.2019 Francis Patterson 0 Comments

OLX: Android owners most often look for bikes and sneakers, while iOS users look for iPhones and accessories. [инфографика]

In the first half of 2019, the OLX most often looked for a bicycle – 806,000 times, or about 4,500 times a day. While Android users were seeking to satisfy basic needs and were trying to find an apartment, work and various clothes, iOS users were looking mostly for other iPhones. As for transport, among the top 10 requests from Android users are “tractor” and “motoblock”, iOS has “BMW” and “by installments”.

The top 10 requests for OLX in the first half of 2019 are as follows:

Bicycle – 806,000 times Sneakers – 656,000 times Apartment – 619,000 times Work – 501,000 times Sofa – 450,000 times iPhone 7 – 360,000 times Dress – 348,000 times House – 325,000 times Notebook – 302,000 times iPhone – 298,000 time

Only one of the three users in these six months went to the OLX platform via a PC. The rest entered through the application – 21% or via the mobile version – 43%.

If you look at the rating of requests separately among users of Android and iOS, they are similar only to the fact that those and others are looking for an apartment and a sofa. Apple users of 10 popular words account for 7 Apple products, and for the last six months, iPhone lovers have been actively searching for IQOS (89,000 times), which bypassed the vayp (85,000 queries).

No Top 10 queries with Android Top 10 queries with iOS 1 Bike iPhone 7 2 Sneakers Airpods 3 Apartment iPhone X 4 Sofa Apartment 5 Work Apple Watch 6 Dress iPhone 6 7 Laptop IQOS 8 House iPhone 6s 9 Jacket Sofa 10 iPhone Phone

Holders of devices on iOS and Android primarily on the OLX in the category “Transport” are looking for a motorcycle. They coincide in their other preferences – for example, they both try to find a scooter and a quad bike. The differences are visible in the second five popular requests – while Android users are looking for a tractor and Niva, iOS users are actively typing into the search engine of the BMW and installment platforms.

In the “Electronics” category among the top 10 requests, users of different OS have only one coincidence – both want the iPhone 7. The owners of “apples” prefer to look in this category exclusively for iPhones. In the top ten from Android is a more diverse list. In the first place on the requests of a laptop, and in the TOP-3 – a TV and a refrigerator. Also in the first half of 2019, we looked for headphones, a washing machine and a tablet.

In the category “Fashion and Style”, where you can find items of clothing, among iOS users, the top ten include adidas, Nike, New Balance and Calvin Klein. But Android users did not specify what kind of clothes they want. On the platform, they seem to be trying to create a basic wardrobe: in the TOP 10 search queries – sneakers, dress, jacket, tracksuit, sandals, jeans, shoes, swimsuit, T-shirt and backpack.

Source: OLX

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