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Operators test the system to combat gray smartphones

30.11.2019 0 Comments

Operators test the system to combat gray smartphones


Chinese smartphones are at stake.

The mobile operators Beeline, MegaFon and Tele2 began testing the smartphone verification system by IMEI, a bill about which was prepared in 2018. The new system will allow authorities to effectively combat the smuggling of smartphones into Russia.


Operators test the system to combat gray smartphones

The sensational bill involves the creation of a database of IMEI identifiers for smartphones and other mobile devices of Russians. The base will allow you to block gadgets with fake IMEI numbers. When the device is connected to the operator’s network, its IMEI will be compared with the database. If the IMEI number matches the one already in the database or is absent, the operator will be able to block such a device.

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When for the first time it became known about the database of IMEI numbers, information appeared that the registration procedure would be paid. After the deputies said that the launch of the base should not increase the financial burden on citizens.

It is expected that the law on gray smartphones will affect many devices of Chinese manufacturers acquired on AliExpress and other trading floors. According to experts, such smartphones can be blocked, as their IMEI will not be contained in a single database.

Source: TASS.

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