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Original iPhone cases plummeted after new ones

10.06.2020 0 Comments

Original iPhone cases plummeted after new ones


The minimum price is a ridiculous 500 rubles.

Apple has released a new summer series of cases for the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max. Accessories are already available for purchase in the online store of the company. Along with this, the original iPhone cases from previous collections have fallen noticeably in a number of retailers.


Original iPhone cases plummeted after new ones

Prices for iPhone cases were reduced by Beeline, Svyaznoy, M.Video and other retailers. As of the beginning of June, authorized Apple retailers in Russia experienced a reduction in the price of original iPhone cases to 3,500 rubles. The most expensive cases for iPhone 7 and iPhone 8, which are on sale the least. Among the presented models, there are options for a record low for Apple covers of 500 rubles.

However, covers for other models are also becoming much more affordable. You can highlight the reduction in the cost of the leather case Apple Leather Folio, which fell in price immediately by 3,500 rubles.

All discounted cases for the listed retailers are available at the following links:

“Beeline” “The Messenger” “M.Video”

As for the new Apple cases for smartphones from the iPhone 11 line, they have already gone on sale on the company's website at a price of 3,349 rubles. New covers came in three colors: blue linen, sea foam and orange vitamin.

Source:, Apple.

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