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Popular scam phone numbers and how to recognize them

30.10.2019 0 Comments

Popular scam phone numbers and how to recognize them


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Currently, fraudsters have no problems with a lack of phone numbers to call potential victims. However, some numbers are most often used by scammers. There are most complaints about such numbers, but it is with them that you should be more careful. They talked about which phone numbers, according to statistics, are used by scammers most often and how to act in order not to fall into the trap of attackers.


Popular scam phone numbers and how to recognize them

Most popular scam numbers

Modern scammers use a huge number of numbers. Registered in Russia, abroad, provided by virtual operators, so-called common numbers, substitutes, etc. All numbers used by attackers, of course, cannot be listed. But what about the most commonly used fraud numbers?

It would seem that they should be known. Thanks to the public database of numbers, which are replenished by ordinary Russians. There are several such active databases in Runet, here are some: neberitrubku, someone calling, ktomnezvonil, zvonili.

The essence of each service is simple. If a person receives an unwanted call, he goes to one of the sites, drives an unfamiliar number and leaves a comment about him. Or, if the call seemed suspicious, it uses the service to search for reviews about the number and finds out who called.

We looked at the statistics of all active number databases in order to compile a list of fraudulent numbers for which there are most complaints. It turned out that most often Russians complain about numbers with the Moscow code +7 (495) and virtual cloud PBX numbers, which, as it turned out, are hundreds.

But making a specific list of popular numbers is extremely problematic. The main "trick" is that these numbers, like many others used by scammers, regularly change owners.

It is enough to study the reviews for each specific number from the top of the database. Some users complain about the reset after the call, another – about an attempt by fraudsters to impersonate employees of the operator, another – that after the call was accepted, the robot reported successful approval of a loan from one of the banks.

In other words, to protect yourself from scammers, you won’t be able to take any specific list of numbers and put them on a black list on your phone. It is recommended to manually drive each unfamiliar number into the number bases and thereby determine who called it.

Earlier, we talked about other effective ways to identify unfamiliar numbers.

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