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Public iPadOS 13 beta 5 released – how to install what's new

12.08.2019 0 Comments

Public iPadOS 13 beta 5 released - how to install what's new


Updated firmware has become even more stable.

Following the 6th test build of the iPadOS 13 operating system for developers, Apple released the public iPadOS 13 beta 5, which is suitable for everyone who wants to try the new OS before the release of the final version. It boasts a higher level of stability. The official presentation of almost identical iOS 13 and iPadOS 13 will take place in a month, so the fifth user beta is almost devoid of bugs and holes that were found in early test firmware.

Public iPadOS 13 beta 5 released - how to install what's new


iPadOS 13 works with most modern iPad tablets. The innovations that we told you about yesterday in the material about beta iPadOS 13 for developers, migrated to the public firmware.

What are the updates in the public iPadOS 13 beta 5?

Firstly, in the new beta firmware of the iPadOS 13 operating system there are no software bugs found by users in the previous build – beta 5 is not only more stable than beta 4, but also safer.

As for the innovations, we attribute the following to the important ones:

Apple has again resized the icons on top of the iPad display. If in beta 4 they became larger, now they have decreased. Apparently, a middle ground has not yet been found – Cupertinians are experimenting and are closely monitoring user reviews. "Control Center" has got a special label for a dark theme. With it, you can turn it on or off. You will need to go to "Settings", select "Control Point, then -" Configure Controls "and enable the option" Dark Appearance ". Earlier we talked about how to enable the dark theme of the Siri voice command in Russian – you can use the instructions for the iPad. The volume control has 16 divisions again, not 34, as it was before. The first time you start the App Store or the Photos application, the screen saver changes.

The most important innovation from previous test builds of iPadOS 13 – a customizable application grid – is saved in beta 5. She will surely migrate to the final version of the OS for tablets.

Which iPads will the custom iPadOS 13 beta 5 run on?

You can install the new version on the same iPad as yesterday’s development firmware. Namely:

Modern iPad 6 generations released last year iPad 5 generation tablets released in 2017 Latest iPad Air 3 (released in 2019) Miniature iPad mini 5 2019 year iPad mini 4 iPad Air 2 iPad Pro 3 generations with 12.9-inch displays released in 2018 iPad 2 generation with 12.9-inch displays iPad 1 generation with 12.9-inch displays 11-inch iPad Pro 2018 iPad 10 with 10.5-inch iPad Pro displays with 9.7 inch displays

How to install iPadOS 13 public beta 5 on iPad?

We strongly discourage using beta versions of Apple firmware on our main devices. The test builds may contain bugs, security holes, Apple does not guarantee stability of work – that's beta. You also risk data loss. Our advice is to wait for the final iPadOS 13, since the release will take place very soon. But, if you have previously installed test firmware or want to be among the first to take advantage of the new OS, then do not forget to backup data.

For those who have previously installed beta versions on their iPad, it is enough to go along the path "Settings" → "General" → "Software Update" and download the firmware.

If this is your first time doing this, you first need to join the beta program on the official Apple website.

On your iPad, launch the Safari browser, go to the beta section on the Apple website. Read all the information carefully, agree (or not). After logging into your Apple ID account, click on “Register your devices”, add your tablet. Then download the profile to install the public beta. After that, go along the path “Settings” → “General” → “Profile”, agree to install the downloaded profile and restart the iPad. The last step is to go to Settings → General → Software Update, and download the fifth public beta.

In addition, you can install the test collection via iTunes by downloading it first from the Apple website.

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