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Putin explained the lack of a smartphone

03.03.2020 0 Comments

Putin explained the lack of a smartphone


The president explained everything.

Russian President Vladimir Putin explained why he does not have a personal smartphone and other modern gadgets. According to the Russian leader, he prefers to use a special communication phone to make calls. At the same time, Putin emphasized that he positively assesses technological progress.


Putin explained the lack of a smartphone

According to Putin, rapid technological progress does not cause him discomfort. The President noted that technological progress cannot be stopped, and Russia is not going to do this.

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“I’m comfortable because I don’t use anything: I just have other options,” the president said.

Putin also added that sometimes he still talks on ordinary smartphones. This happens in cases where subordinates give him devices for conversation. True, this happens infrequently, the president said.

Source: TASS.

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