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Quarantined Apple-based US employees in China start receiving CareKit help kits from a Cupertian company

03.03.2020 0 Comments

Quarantined Apple-based US employees in China start receiving CareKit help kits from a Cupertian company


Apple has begun sending aid kits to its US-based Chinese employees who are unable to go to work due to quarantine measures taken by the Chinese government in Hubei and Zhejiang provinces. This was reported in the social network Weibo.

It should be noted that at present, despite the fact that the epidemic of the Covid-2019 coronavirus in China is gradually declining, many local corporate offices, shops and manufacturing enterprises, especially in the most affected regions, remain closed or work on an abbreviated schedule. Among the companies still closed due to quarantine measures there are also some departments and Apple stores whose employees are forced to stay at home. To help and morally support their quarantined American workers in the PRC, the Cupertinians occasionally sent them CareKit special care kits.


It is noteworthy that one of these sets consisted not only of snacks, tea, protective masks, infrared thermometers and hygiene items, but also … 10.2-inch iPad. The tablet entered CareKit for a reason: Apple emphasized that it is intended primarily for children of employees whose educational institutions remain closed, and they themselves are forced to study exclusively online.

The accompanying note for the help kit with the iPad says the following:

“On behalf of the entire Apple team, we convey our best wishes with the new CareKit for you and your families. In this set you will find various comfort items and an iPad, which you can use to make it easier for your children to study online or just while away hours while [в это нелегкое время] away from home".

In addition, the letter indicates that Apple employees and their families can at any time contact the company's partner, ComPsych, a company that provides advisory services on various everyday issues, to help solve certain problems.

Source: Weibo

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