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Really! iPhone 11 Pro long-awaited drop in price

19.07.2020 0 Comments

Really! iPhone 11 Pro long-awaited drop in price


A solid decline.

Some Russian retailers have made the first major discounts on the iPhone 11 Pro, Apple's flagship smartphone released in fall 2019. The price of the smartphone dropped by 10 thousand rubles at once within the framework of temporary promotions organized by the leading electronics networks.


Really! iPhone 11 Pro long-awaited drop in price

The first big sale of iPhone 11 Pro was arranged by the retailer M.Video. The "Unscheduled Black Friday" campaign began in the online store, within the framework of which discounts were made on various smartphones from Apple, Samsung, Huawei and other brands.

The price of the iPhone 11 Pro with 64 GB of memory dropped to 79,990 rubles. The discount was 10 thousand rubles compared to the official cost of the smartphone. Note that this is the first big discount made on the iPhone 11 Pro in the official Russian retail.

In addition, the promotion has made it possible to purchase a 5.5-inch iPhone 8 Plus at a reduced price. The cost of a smartphone for the first time fell below 40 thousand rubles.

As for the new 4.7-inch iPhone SE 2nd generation, which many Apple fans are waiting for at a discount, as of mid-July, the smartphone is being sold at the officially set price. The first discounts on the new iPhone SE are expected to arrive in the fall, following the release of the new iPhone models.


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