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Recalled MacBook Pro forbidden to take on airplanes

17.08.2019 0 Comments

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<p>Due to the risk of fire, the laptop cannot be taken aboard.</p> 

<p>The FAA USA does not allow certain, and very popular, versions of the MacBook Pro to be taken aboard airliners. This concerns the "MacBooks" recalled by Apple in June this year due to the rather high likelihood of overheating and subsequent ignition of the power source. At risk are all MacBook Pro models with 15-inch displays, which were produced between September 15, 2015 and February 2017, according to the Federal Aviation Administration of the United States of America.</p>
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Users of such computers are invited to voluntarily submit them to branded apple workshops for replacement with a new power source. This usually does not take much time.


The regulator, Bloomberg writes, has already notified major US carriers of the need to prohibit passengers from taking potentially dangerous devices on board. The same applies to commercial air cargo.

Thus, MacBook’s airports will now check whether the battery has been replaced or not. In the latter case, the device simply will not be allowed to be taken on board and will not be allowed in baggage.

Earlier, the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) obliged to turn off the gadget, and to abandon the use of dangerous MacBook Pro during the flight. In the European Union, however, it did not reach a complete ban.

To check the MacBook Pro, you need to go to the official website of the revocable campaign and enter its serial number. Apple warns laptop owners from using them until replacing the battery. Specialists will supply a new battery for free.

It is known that only in the USA and Canada about 450 thousand laptops were sold.

In Russia, there have not yet been any bans on flights with the MacBook Pro.

Recall that in this or 2020th year, the Cupertino team will present a completely new 16-inch MacBook Pro with ultra-thin display bezels, a reliable keyboard that will replace the butterfly problem and advanced Intel processors. According to rumors, such a laptop due to the thin frames in size will correspond to the current 15-inch model. Authoritative specialized media write about this, authoritative analysts and insiders are sure of this, like Ming-chi Kuo, who is rarely mistaken.

Source: MacRumors

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