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"Remover" of Chinese applications became a hit on Android

05.06.2020 0 Comments

"Remover" of Chinese applications became a hit on Android


Millions of downloads!

Little-known Chinese applications always cause concern among users of Android smartphones, including those from the Chinese brands Xiaomi, Huawei and others. Indian developers from OneTouch AppLabs studio drew attention to the problem and created a special application to identify Chinese applications and then delete them from smartphones. In just two weeks, the app became a real hit on Google Play, receiving more than five million downloads.


"Remover" of Chinese applications became a hit on Android

Users were interested in uninstalling unknown Chinese applications. An application with the talking name Remove China Apps finds both applications downloaded from Google Play and some pre-installed by the manufacturer. According to reviews, the application perfectly defines the applications of Chinese developers, and then offers to "deal" with them.

According to the developers, their application does not offer to remove any specific applications. It only makes a list of applications from Chinese developers. After that, the application leaves further actions to the user.

The Remove China Apps application may soon be itself removed from Google Play, the Android Authority noted. He may be found to be violating the rules for interfering with other applications.

Source: AA.

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