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Revealed the performance of Apple A14 and A14X chips for the new iPhone and iPad

22.08.2020 0 Comments

Revealed the performance of Apple A14 and A14X chips for new iPhones and iPads



Blogger Luc Miani has published the expected test results of the Apple A14 and A14X processors, which will be used in the new iPhone and iPad models. According to the released data, the A14 chip for smartphones from the iPhone 12 lineup will equal the performance of the A12X processor.


The new A14X chip for the new generation iPad Pro will be one and a half times more powerful than the A12X and A14 chips. The processor for the new iPad Pro will have the same performance as the Intel Core i9 laptop chips. In the Geekbench 5 benchmark, the processor will gain about 7,500 points.

Both new Apple processors will be made using the 5nm process technology, the insider stressed. He noted that the A14 and A14X chips will be the first to be created using the new technical process.

The presentation of new models of iPhone and iPad Pro with new generation chips will take place in the fall. Earlier it became known that Apple may release the iPad Pro in September without a presentation. The new iPhone models will be unveiled at a special online event in October.

Source: Twitter.

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