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Russians postponed the purchase of smartphones

21.05.2020 0 Comments

Russians postponed the purchase of smartphones


Until better times.

Smartphone sales in Russia fell sharply in April amid the closure of retail stores due to the complicated epidemiological situation and rising prices for mobile devices. According to Russian retailers, smartphone sales in Russia fell by 22% in quantitative terms compared with April last year.

Russians postponed the purchase of smartphones


The decline in smartphone sales in April was recorded by all the leading Russian retailers. The Russians began to buy less smartphones from any price categories. The sales of expensive flagship smartphones suffered the most, while the demand for budget models remained and they remained the most popular in Russia.

In early May, Russian consumers increased activity. Retailers expect a noticeable increase in smartphone sales in May and June, as many buyers have postponed the acquisition of new mobile devices.

Representatives of leading retailers also noted that the new 2nd-generation iPhone SE launched well in Russia, despite the high cost and limited operation of stores. None of the retailers have yet disclosed the exact sales data for the new iPhone.

Source: Mail.

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