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Samsung has postponed the early start of sales of folding Galaxy Fold

15.07.2019 0 Comments


It seems that Apple acted as never before, refusing to enter into a competition for the speed of release of folding smartphones. The technology of flexible screens turned out to be so imperfect that even Samsung, which led its development for eight years, was forced to postpone the early start of sales of its Galaxy Fold. This is on his Twitter page confirmed by the Ice Universe insider. According to him, Samsung decided to cancel the holding of two events dedicated to the launch of the Galaxy Fold in China, transferring them for an indefinite period.


The decision to postpone the launch of Galaxy Fold so far applies only to China. This is due to the fact that it was there that the smartphone was supposed to be available for sale on April 24. But, probably, due to the low reliability of the display, which was reported by several IT observers at once, Samsung went to desperate measures, postponing the withdrawal of the novelty in Chinese retail. This news surprised users a lot, because just a few days ago, Samsung claimed that the launch of the device will take place in normal mode.

Why canceled the launch of Galaxy Fold

According to one version, Samsung intends to conduct an emergency check of all copies of the Galaxy Fold. Fortunately, due to the fact that by now an extremely limited batch of smartphones has been released, it will be quite realistic to repeat the quality assessment procedure. But the problem is not at all in this. If Samsung finds out that some (more or less) Galaxy Fold suffers from problems with the quality of the display, Koreans will have to restart the assembly line, but this time in order to correct the mistakes made.

According to another version, Samsung postpones the release in order to provide all the Galaxy Fold with markings about the need to keep the protective film glued at the factory. She, as it turned out, is a mandatory component of the smartphone, which protects its screen from damage. Its removal, as several journalists have managed to make sure, will almost certainly lead to the appearance of damage and the earliest possible failure of the display.

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