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Samsung unveiled 8K-TV without frames

10.02.2020 0 Comments

Samsung unveiled 8K-TV without frames


A powerful new Samsung.

Samsung introduced the new generation of QLED TVs Q950TS with 8K resolution at the CES 2020 in Las Vegas. One of the key features of the new items is the barely noticeable frames around the perimeter of the “limitless” screen, which, according to Samsung representatives, cease to be visible at a distance of 3-4 meters.


Samsung unveiled 8K-TV without frames

The Q950TS received an updated design compared to Samsung's previous 8K TV. The novelty has a minimum frame around the perimeter of the screen and the thickness of the case is only 15 mm throughout the screen. The completely flat shape of the TV allows you to place it close to the wall.

Samsung Q950TS supports native and adapted 8K content playback. The next-generation Quantum 8K processor used in the TV is responsible for increasing the resolution of content using artificial intelligence. A specially developed algorithm restores various image elements to create an exceptionally clear picture in 8K format, regardless of the quality of the original image. Thanks to this, the owners of the new Samsung TV will be able to enjoy 8K content even when watching video with a lower resolution.

Samsung unveiled 8K-TV without frames

The TV uses Adaptive Picture technology, which enhances image clarity and adjusts contrast based on the distribution of light in specific scenes.

The TV has two speakers on the sides and subwoofers on the back. It supports Object Tracking Sound + technology, which matches the movement of objects on the screen with speakers. Also, the novelty uses Active Voice Amplifier technology to adjust the playback volume taking into account external sounds, for example, a vacuum cleaner.

The sales date and price of the Samsung Q950TS have not been announced.

Source: Samsung.

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