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Sberbank Online has fallen across Russia. What happened (updated)

07.06.2020 0 Comments

Sberbank Online has fallen across Russia. What happened (updated)


There is a problem.

There was a technical malfunction in the operation of the Sberbank Online application. As a result of this, users lost access to the application or encountered difficulties in translating. Sberbank representatives confirmed the failure, promising to fix the problem in the near future.


Sberbank Online has fallen across Russia. What happened

Updated. Representatives of Sberbank reported troubleshooting.

“Today, some customers may have had difficulty entering Sberbank Online. Currently, all systems are operating normally. We apologize for the inconvenience, "- the press service of the Moscow Bank PJSC Sberbank.

According to the Downdetector service, malfunctions of Sberbank Online are observed throughout Russia. According to users of the application, the problems began around 10 am Moscow time. At the time of writing news from users continue to receive feedback on difficulties in using the application.

Sberbank confirmed that there was a malfunction in the work of Sberbank Online. The problem affected a small number of customers, representatives of the bank emphasized. They also promised that the failure will be fixed in the near future.

When trying to enter Sberbank Online, some users receive a message that the problems will be fixed “within half an hour”.


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