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Scientists managed to create record black material

17.09.2019 0 Comments

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<p>Scope – space telescopes, automobile coating and art. </p> 

<p>TASS reports that scientists from the United States and China managed to create the most black material. And it turned out with them quite by accident.</p>
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ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, a scientific publication, writes that experts from Shanghai (China) and Massachusetts (USA) universities experimented with carbon nanotubes to improve their thermal conductivity. To do this, they placed them on an aluminum base to reduce the level of oxidation of aluminum. Tubes absorb light, transforming it into heat.


But as a result, Cui Kahan from China and Brian Wardle from the USA got super-black material, breaking the “blackness” record that belonged to Vantablack before. It absorbed 99.965% of the light, with the new product the result is 99.965%. The reflection coefficient is astounding – 1 in 10-5.

Such a black material can be used in space telescopes, when covering expensive cars, as well as in art, and in the future – when creating cameras.

Source: TASS

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