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Secrets of Sberbank. Fast money transfer by phone number

23.06.2020 0 Comments

Secrets of Sberbank. Fast money transfer by phone number


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Sberbank customers can make quick money transfers directly by phone number. This feature facilitates the implementation of small transfers, the largest share of which is among bank customers. This article talked about how to perform such translations and how to disable the function if it is not needed.


Secrets of Sberbank. Fast money transfer by phone number

How to transfer money by phone number in Sberbank

There are only two conditions for making transfers by phone number in Sberbank. First, you must have a Mobile Bank connected (you can do this in the Sberbank application or by phone). And secondly, the function of transferring money by phone number should not be disabled. By default, it is activated for all Sberbank customers.

If both conditions are met, then to complete the transfer you must send an SMS to 900 with the following contents:

TRANSFER 9xxxxxxxxx 100, where

9xxxxxxxxx – recipient's phone number, 100 – transfer amount in rubles.

The keyword "TRANSFER" can be written in any case. A money transfer can be completed without problems, including if you send the “transfer” or “Transfer” command.

How long does the money go when transferring by phone number? Translation is carried out almost instantly. If there are no difficulties in the work of Sberbank, then the maximum will have to wait about a minute.

Secrets of Sberbank. Fast money transfer by phone number

How to disable the function of translation by phone number

Often, the function of transferring by phone number is used by scammers to steal money from Sberbank customers. To prevent this, you can disable the function responsible for quick transfers by number.

To do this, send a text message to the number 900 with the text ZERO or ZERO or NULL. Immediately after this, the option to transfer money by phone number will be blocked. At the same time, Mobile Bank will continue to work without restrictions.

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