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Should I install iOS 13.2.2? User reviews

10.11.2019 0 Comments

Should I install iOS 13.2.2? User reviews


Or do not?

On November 7, Apple marked the next update for the iPhone. The company released iOS 13.2.2 technical firmware with fixes for problems found in previous versions of iOS 13. Should I install iOS 13.2.2 or is it better to stay away from the update? They answered this question, and at the same time collected feedback from iPhone users who have already been updated.


Should I install iOS 13.2.2? User reviews

Who should install iOS 13.2.2

iOS 13.2.2 is one of the most important updates to the iOS 13 operating system. In the firmware, Apple developers fixed serious flaws that spoiled the lives of users.

Should I install iOS 13.2.2? User reviews

Firstly, the problems were fixed, due to which the iPhone could lose connection after calls and accidentally disconnect the mobile Internet. Communication problems on the iPhone are completely resolved in iOS 13.2.2, as evidenced by user reviews.

“Over the course of a month, I constantly checked whether there is a network or not. As a result, now everything is fine after the update. Well, I did not begin to set up my device as new, because in a year I already did it once because of the disappearing battery and it did not help. The device is iPhone 8 Plus. I advise everyone with the same problem to upgrade as soon as possible, ”user Alexander in the comments on this article.

“The regular disappearance of mobile Internet has stopped. Hurrah! There have been no gaps since today, ”said johnnyben from Reddit.

Secondly, iOS 13.2.2 fixed the sensational problem associated with optimizing RAM on the iPhone. Starting with iOS 13.2, apps could instantly close after switching to another app or iPhone lock. In iOS 13.2.2, this problem has been fixed.

“I confirm. Problems with multitasking disappeared. Everything worked fine again, ”is the wrdit user from the Reddit resource.

“Finally, the bug with the crash of background applications has been fixed. As for the connection, I had no problems with it before, ”- Narwhalbac user from the Reddit resource.

iOS 13.2.2 fixed two major flaws in iOS 13. If you have previously encountered one of them, then it is definitely necessary to upgrade to iOS 13.2.2. The firmware will fix the problems.

In terms of performance and battery life, iOS 13.2.2 is no different from iOS 13.2. According to user reviews, in technical terms, the firmware is identical. This is also confirmed by the first firmware comparisons from YouTube bloggers.

Should I install iOS 13.2.2? User reviews

Currently, iOS 13.2.2 looks like a great update, which is recommended to be installed by anyone who has previously upgraded to iOS 13. There is not a single good reason why you should not upgrade to iOS 13.2.2.

However, we note that some minor flaws remain in iOS 13.2.2. For example, in our group on VKontakte you can find reviews about the incorrect operation of the text selection function. Apple did not fix it in iOS 13.2.2.

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Should I install iOS 13.2.2? User reviews Loading…
Should I install iOS 13.2.2? User reviews Should I install iOS 13.2.2? User reviews

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