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Should I really charge the iPhone with only my own charge?

15.08.2019 0 Comments

Should I really charge the iPhone with only my own charge?


We answer – no!

There is a surprisingly widespread belief that smartphones should be charged exclusively with the native chargers included. And if, suddenly, the power adapter is broken, you should immediately run to the store for the original. Same thing with the wire.

Should I really charge the iPhone with only my own charge?


This is partly true. Partly not.

Third-party accessories can be used. Your iPhone or gadget running Android will not explode, the display will not go out, the battery will not swell, and smoke will not blow out of the case. Everything will be fine. It is enough to adhere to elementary rules.

Android is much simpler. In the case of devices using microUSB or USB Type-C standards, which is the majority of modern android phones, any adapter and wire from one device can be connected to another with a similar connector. There are no risks!

The only thing – try to pick up chargers with a current strength similar to the original accessory. For example, if you had an adapter for 2A, you should not use 1A – the smartphone will charge for ages or completely refuse to absorb energy But a little more – you can use it. Another important parameter is the output power. The higher it is, the faster charging takes place – especially for gadgets with support for fast charging. “Oversaturation” will not happen, the controller built into any phone will track this.

And what about the "iPhones"? What to do with damaged wires? Can I use adapters from smartphones Samsung, Acer, Sony, Nokia, LG and others? Would it damage the battery? Perhaps it makes more sense to run to the store and buy an expensive power supply from Apple? There are nuances.

Can I use wires from third-party manufacturers to charge the iPhone?

If you have a whole original wire for charging the iPhone, then use it. But those who have long owned Apple smartphones are aware that they are not particularly durable. And they are expensive. So, the wire broke – what to do?

Should I really charge the iPhone with only my own charge?

From our own experience, we inform you that it is still better to fork out and buy the original. Apple wires are made in such a way that for some reason other manufacturers cannot copy them for 100%.

Yes, non-original wires can be very cheap. Also, at times they are made using stronger and better materials than Apple. However, the durability of such chargers, alas, is in question. Quite penny wires are flimsy and quickly fail. But even reliable and high-quality, unfortunately, after some time they cease to work, and “iPhone” shows a malicious inscription “accessory is not supported”. Therefore, in the case of the wire, it is better to take care of the original – in this case, it will last much longer.

Should I really charge the iPhone with only my own charge?

Another important point – when you connect your iPhone to your computer using a non-original wire, you risk losing information. And this happens, believe me, quite often.

The conclusion suggests itself: the wire for the “iPhone” needs to be used only the original.

What to do if the power adapter from the iPhone is broken?

In the case of power adapters, everything is far from so strict. A 5V power supply from Apple breaks down not so often. However, sometimes this happens. Such an accessory is expensive. And it’s not necessary to overpay.

Should I really charge the iPhone with only my own charge?

You probably have other charges at home with similar parameters – for example, a block from an iPad’s or from any other modern smartphone / tablet. The main thing is that the manufacturer is world-famous. We do not trust Chinese nameless chargers. But adapters from the same Samsung, Xiaomi, ASUS, LG and others are ideal.

But what about current and voltage? Don’t be afraid, “iPhones” are smart – inside they have a charging controller that will not allow the phone to get more current than it needs, with a larger current strength the device will not overheat – unless the charging process accelerates. In the same way, the iPhone protects the original wire from oversaturation. Another point in his favor.

Conclusion: any adapter is suitable, the main thing is that it be of high quality, and not bought at a flea market for "three pennies."

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