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Showcases Apple Store close black curtains

13.09.2019 0 Comments

Showcases Apple Store close black curtains


Apple is preparing some kind of surprise.

For the first time in many years, Apple Store windows will be covered with black curtains. They will be removed after the presentation, which begins at 20:00 Moscow time today. This will allow store employees to make changes to the front window displays. It is assumed that Apple plans to reintroduce forgotten three-dimensional display cases. One of the employees shared relevant information with MacRumors.


Showcases Apple Store close black curtains

A few years ago, the company practiced the installation of fairly complex structures that featured new products. This practice was later abandoned due to a change in the design concept of the Apple Store. It is impossible to say exactly what the company wants to change in the windows of its retail stores, but very soon the whole world will see it. We also recall that after years of reconstruction, Apple is preparing to open the legendary "glass cube."

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