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Smartphones will soon learn to change the color of the back panels

06.09.2020 0 Comments

Smartphones will soon learn to change the color of the back panels


One of the biggest tech companies is already working on it.

Recently, an insider from the world of technologies Ice Universe posted a video of a prototype of a new gadget on his Twitter. The footage shows the back of the device from blue to metallic gray. The user can not only select a color, but also control its depth and sharpness. The principle of the new smartphone is kept secret by the manufacturers.


However, gadgets that change the color of the panels will soon hit the global market. This technology has already been demonstrated by OnePlus Concept One. The new smartphone, unveiled at the Las Vegas Technology Show, features an electrochromic glass panel. The user can change the transparency of the glass, thereby hiding the main camera of the smartphone.

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