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Soon it will be possible to buy a new smartphone from TCL

10.09.2019 0 Comments

Soon it will be possible to buy a new smartphone from TCL


TCL Communication talked about its TCL PLEX smartphone.

And we are telling you. TCL has rich and somewhat unique experience in the design and manufacture of screens. The display of the new smartphone works using a dedicated processor. This allows him to demonstrate a new level of image quality. In addition, manufacturers tried to make the screen as safe as possible for the user's eyes. He independently knows how to adapt to lighting, and the smartphone also has a night mode and a reading mode.



TCL PLEX has a triple camera with an ultra-wide angle lens and a special module. The latter copes well with shooting in low light conditions. All the same features are now waiting for the new iPhone 11.

The smartphone has a quick charge function through which it charges half in 32 minutes. Curiously, TCL PLEX can be used instead of the remote control for televisions of the same company that are compatible with it.

About when it will be possible to buy a new smartphone, and how much it will cost will be reported in mid-October. It is known that it will go on sale before the end of this year.

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