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Spotify in Russia: a new launch date has been announced

10.06.2020 0 Comments

Spotify in Russia: a new launch date has been announced


Yes, once again.

The music streaming service Spotify still gets to Russia. According to new information, the Swedish company plans to launch the service in Russia in the fall of 2020. MTS mobile operator may become Spotify's partner.


According to sources, Spotify is in talks to launch in Russia with MTS and other leading operators. Spotify needs access to the audience of operators in order to save on marketing, experts emphasize.

For the first time, plans to launch Spotify in Russia became known in 2014. Since then, the Russian launch of the most popular music streaming service has been repeatedly delayed for various reasons. The last time Spotify launched in Russia was postponed in 2019. The likely reason for the transfer is called the conflict of Spotify with the music publisher Warner Music.

According to earlier information, the Spotify subscription fee in Russia will be 169 rubles per month. In this case, Spotify will be available for free. There are a number of restrictions on the free tariff, among which are advertising and the inability to listen to music without an Internet connection.

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