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Still not Apple. Leap Motion goes under the wing of the developer of technology tactile holograms UltraHaptics for $ 30 million

19.07.2019 Francis Patterson 0 Comments

Still not Apple. Leap Motion goes under the wing of the developer of technology tactile holograms UltraHaptics for $ 30 million

As it became known, the company Leap Motion, known for its motion capture technology for a wide range of devices, was purchased by the British developer of tactile feedback technology UltraHaptics. It is reported by The Wall Street Journal, referring to people familiar with the situation.

The amount of the transaction is about $ 30 million. This is only one tenth of the amount ($ 306 million), which Leap Motion estimated at the peak of its glory in 2013. But a similar figure sounded last year, when Apple was called Leap Motion as a potential buyer.

Under the terms of the deal, UltraHaptics will receive all Leap Motion patents and will hire most of the employees, but Michael Backwald, co-founder and CEO of Leap Motion, will say goodbye to the project.

UltraHaptics is, of course, not Apple and many probably hear the name of this company for the first time, but it is perfectly suited for Leap Motion as a new “home”. UltraHaptics technology is based on multidirectional ultrasonic waves, which create the feeling of a tactile touch on virtual objects. And Leap Motion controllers here can serve as a very valuable addition to a new generation interface project with tactile feedback without the need for physical controllers.

Leap Motion has become famous thanks to the motion controller of the same name for consumer devices. A promising development has never been perceived as a mandatory PC peripheral, but managed to attract attention on a wave of interest in virtual and augmented reality before the market was captured by portable motion tracking sensors. As a result, Leap Motion began to license hardware and software to third-party developers of VR headsets, trying to find its niche, but without success. The startup did not manage to find wide use of its own technologies, which at first many considered to be a breakthrough in the interaction between humans and PCs. Last year, Leap Motion negotiated Apple, but the parties failed to agree. Note that for the first time Apple tried to buy a startup in 2013. The latest known Leap Motion product is an augmented reality headset with hand tracking technology Leap Motion Project North Star, announced in April 2018.

UltraHaptics is now actively seeking customers in various areas, offering to add a tactile response without physical contact to car dashboards, information kiosks, smart home devices and virtual reality systems.

Source: The Verge

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