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Strange calls from number 900 – who is it and what to do

19.04.2020 0 Comments

Strange calls from number 900 - who is it and what to do


Let's get it right.

Every year, telephone fraud is gaining momentum, despite the development of computer literacy. Fraudsters find new ways to cheat on the phone using substitution numbers, advanced methods of social engineering and creating malicious applications. One of the most popular methods of fraud is associated with calls from fake numbers 900 and other numbers related to Sberbank. They talked more about such calls and how to deal with them.


Strange calls from number 900 - who is it and what to do

They call from number 900. Who is that?

Immediately the main thing. Remember that if you receive a call from 900, these are scammers. Sberbank never calls its customers from this number, as it is a service.

It is important to note here that recently scammers often make calls from +7 (495) 500-55-50 or other numbers that are indicated on Sberbank's bank cards. It is noteworthy that in order to confirm their affiliation with the bank, fraudsters directly ask their potential victims to verify this by looking at the back of the card.

Of course, watchful people instantly realize that they are talking with scammers. But there are many trusting customers of Sberbank who fall for the trick of attackers.

Strange calls from number 900 - who is it and what to do

How is it that fraudsters call from 900 or any other number that should belong to Sberbank? It's all about the substitution of numbers. Using special and quite publicly available VoIP services, attackers fake a number, making it look like a real bank number.

Recognizing the substitution is actually elementary. It’s enough to remember that Sberbank employees will never call you and ask for any personal information. If you need more effective protection, then install the application with the function of determining numbers on your smartphone. Then each call to your smartphone will be accompanied by a hint indicating who the call is actually from.

They call from 900 and are silent. What's this?

It also happens that the call comes from 900, but there is silence at the other end of the handset. This annoys many, as the call is obviously strange and incomprehensible. Why and from whom do such calls go?

The Sberbank support service notes that the bank itself does not make calls to customers from 900. This is a service number from which users receive SMS with various personal information sent at the request of the client himself.

At the same time, the bank emphasizes that they often block the calls of fraudsters who try to reach potential victims. Therefore, it is generally accepted that if a call from 900 is “silent,” then fraudsters calling from a fake number were blocked by the bank’s security system.

Thus, worrying about “silent” calls from 900 is not worth it – they themselves will not suffer damage.

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