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Studio Leonardo DiCaprio will make films and TV series for Apple

12.08.2020 0 Comments

Studio Leonardo DiCaprio will make films and TV series for Apple


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Appian Way Film Studio, which is owned by Leonardo DiCaprio, will be producing films and TV series for Apple. Under the terms of the deal, Appian Way will initially offer its content to Apple. Only in the event that Apple rejects the proposed content will Appian Way be able to publish it to other services.


Under agreements between the companies, Appian Way will exclusively launch its new films and series on Apple TV +. The exclusivity will be temporary. After a while, Appian Way will be able to publish its content on other services, as well as launch films and series for distribution in cinemas.

The Appian Way is currently working on several films, including Killers of the Flower Moon, starring Leonardo DiCaprio. Whether this picture will be released exclusively on Apple TV + is currently unknown.

Appian Way is best known for the films The Survivor and The Wolf of Wall Street, which starred Leonardo DiCaprio.

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