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Suddenly. USB charging in public places can be dangerous

21.11.2019 0 Comments

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<p>We warn you. </p> 

<p>The Los Angeles County Attorney warns tourists against using USB chargers in public places (airports, hotels, restaurants, bus stops, and so on). The fact is that this method is not at all safe.</p>
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It turns out that through USB, attackers can infect your smartphone / tablet with a dangerous virus. Therefore, it is recommended to charge gadgets from your own power banks. Or use a personal adapter and cable by connecting them to a normal outlet (they have not yet learned how to crack it).


And this is not a reinsurance law enforcement. TechCrunch said that cases of such attacks have already occurred in the United States.

The way hackers can hack a device using a charging station was demonstrated back at the Black Hat cyber security conference back in 2013.

And in 2016, expert Samy Kamkar showed a special KeySweeper adapter, outwardly indistinguishable from normal charging. He really charges the smartphone, but at the same time transmits a special code that allows him to wiretap the victim and record all the clicks on the screen, passing them to the attacker – passwords and codes are at risk.

No less dangerous are simple USB cables. To integrate a microcontroller with a Malware in it is an elementary task for a specialist. So, for hacking iPhones, an O.MG charging cable can be used – his hacker accidentally “forgets” near a public USB station.

Source: TechRadar

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