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iOS 13.1.1 has already been hacked. Waiting for a jailbreak

It was fast! Hacker Axi0mX hacked the iOS 13.1.1 operating system. To do this, he used a new exploit called checkm8, which allows you to jailbreak almost any iPhone model....


IOS 13.1.1 released – what's new, a complete list of innovations

We put! Apple has released the final version of iOS 13.1.1. The technical update brought with it bug fixes, performance improvements, and improvements aimed at improving autonomy. iOS 13.1.1 is...


Download iOS 13.1.1 (direct links to IPSW)

To install via iTunes. On September 27, Apple unexpectedly released the final version of iOS 13.1.1. The minor update brought with it corrections of various bugs found in previous versions...


Apple has released iPadOS 13.1.1. Why is it important to install?

New firmware for iPad! September 27, along with iOS 13.1.1, Apple suddenly released the final version of iPadOS 13.1.1. A small technical update had not been tested by developers and...