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Apple has banned the installation of iOS 13.6

You can no longer roll back. Apple has stopped signing iOS 13.6, thereby preventing it from being installed or rolled back from newer versions. Thus, the only current version of...


IOS 13.6 released. What's new

Downloading! Apple has released final versions of iOS 13.6 and iPadOS 13.6 for iPhone and iPad users. The firmware now has an option to automatically install operating system updates, support...


IOS 13.6 GM suddenly released – what's new

Release soon. Following the first public beta of iOS 14, Apple released the Golden Master build of iOS 13.6. The final test build of iOS 13.6 was initially made available...


IOS 13.6 seems to be the best version of iOS 13. Users are very satisfied

The release will be soon. IPhone users praised the GM version of iOS 13.6, which was released by Apple on July 9th. According to reviews, iOS 13.6 does not contain...


IOS 13.6 beta 3 released – what's new

Fresh beta! Apple has released the third beta of iOS 13.6 for registered developers. The new test build of iOS 13.6 was released three weeks after the release of iOS...


IOS 13.6 discovered a useful innovation

Many will like it. In the second beta version of iOS 13.6 released on June 9, a useful innovation was found that was not in the previous test build. Apple...