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This will happen! iPhone SE 2 will be released in early 2020

And it's almost official! Apple will release a new compact iPhone SE 2 smartphone in early 2020. The smartphone will be available by Apple standards and will receive the flagship...


Apple is preparing a hit. New iPhone 2020 will be similar to iPhone 4

iPhone 12 will be “different”! 2020 Apple smartphones will receive a full redesign. According to a recent report by respected analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, smartphones will have a metal frame with...


Toyota will produce an unprecedented number of electric vehicles for the 2020 Olympics

3,700 vehicles of all sizes, from wheelchairs to buses. Toyota sees the upcoming Olympics and Paralympics in Japan as a chance to showcase its line of experimental and alternative vehicles....


What will be the 5G speed on the iPhone 2020?

Trying to imagine 5G speed on subsequent iPhones. Apple does not plan to release 5G smartphones until the fall of 2020. However, other manufacturers and mobile operators are already testing...


All iPhones of 2020 will receive 5G support

5G-modems will be installed in all three models of subsequent iPhones. Analyst Min-Chi Kuo, who regularly shares insider information about Apple and its products, is confident that all three iPhones...


All three versions of the Apple iPhone 2020 model line will receive 5G support

Despite the fact that Apple has not become the first smartphone manufacturer to launch a device with 5G support, it may become the first company that transferred its entire lineup...


iPhone 2020 may get a flexible display from LG

Apple is interested in working with a Korean company. Korean giant LG is starting mass production of flexible OLED displays this year. According to rumors, Apple is interested in making...


iPhones 2020 will get 120 Hz screens

It will be possible to choose between 120 Hz and 60 Hz. Next-generation iPhones, which will be released by Apple next year, are expected to use arrays with a refresh...

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