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Uklon Taxi Service Launches Travel Payments Using Apple Pay

Ukrainian online taxi booking service Uklon has enabled the ability to pay for trips using Apple Pay. Starting today, after updating the application to the latest version, a new payment...


Five models, a “rectangular” design in the style of iPhone 4, 5G and OLED screens (except for iPhone SE2). Well-known analyst told what the line of iPhone 2020 will be.

Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who from year to year is extremely accurate in predicting Apple's new products due to connections with component suppliers, shared his latest forecast for the next generation...


In 2020, smartphones with 200 megapixels will appear

200! The flagship Android smartphones of the 2020 model will receive 200-megapixel cameras. Qualcomm announced that its latest system on the Snapdragon 865 processor was the first with support for...


And it's free! The perfect player for Internet radio will appear in Russia

Soon. At the beginning of 2020, a single player for Internet radio will be launched in Russia. The service will allow you to listen to more than a hundred radio...


New bank fraud aimed at Android smartphones

IPhone owners are out of danger. Hackers began to attack Russian users using a new method. The owners of Android smartphones that are being attacked using a new type of...


WhatsApp is at stake. Hackers send out malicious video

It is important to upgrade. WhatsApp messenger detected a new critical vulnerability. A specially created MP4 file launches remote execution of malicious code on iPhone and Android devices. This allows...


Comparison of Siri and Google Assistant 2.0. Siri is slower and dumber

Interesting testing. The new version of the "smart" assistant Google Assistant 2.0 faster and more accurately execute commands compared to Siri. A comparison of voice assistants showed that Google was...


The ban on the sale of smartphones without Russian applications is supported by the authorities. What will happen now?

And what will happen to the iPhone? The Russian authorities supported the bill banning the sale of smartphones without pre-installed domestic software. Today, the corresponding bill was adopted by the...


AirPods Pro Review: TWS Noise Canceling Headphones

This year, Apple has been actively engaged in the development of fully wireless headphones, first introducing the second generation of AirPods, and later the first Beats model in this form...


💰 Sale 11.11 2019. How to catch really huge discounts

Useful tips. 11.11 2019 – the most powerful sale of the year on Aliexpress and other well-known Chinese trading floors. How to profit from it really big discounts? There are...


Calls from 900 – who is this and who to complain to? Learned right at Sberbank

We got a reply. Calls from a fake number 900 allegedly from Sberbank is one of the most common phone scams. How does it work and what does Sberbank say...


Caution. Full Trojans created for iPhone

They are in the App Store! In 17 applications for iPhone from the App Store, a clicker trojan was detected that performs background tasks on the user's device. Malicious software...

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