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Video of the day: how mobile OS ascended and died. From Palm OS to iOS and Android

Ten years in one video. What operating systems were the most popular 10 years ago? And what has changed by 2019? YouTube channel Data Is Beautiful has published a dynamic...


Call function will appear in Windows 10

New update. Ecosystem – this is perhaps one of the main advantages of Apple. All devices of the corporation work flawlessly in conjunction and separately – which makes the company's...


Call from number +44787. Who is it and how to block it?

Where do they call and is it worth calling back? One of the frequent complaints of Russian subscribers is strange calls from numbers that start with the code +44787. Where...


Apple has fixed! Already released five new versions of iOS. Why is that cool?

Apple, what are you doing? Go on !. In less than three weeks, Apple released as many as five iOS versions. Many users appreciated such efforts of the developers, but...


Top Vietnamese (!) Vsmart smartphones are now in Russia. Xiaomi tightened

Vietnamese quality = Soviet quality. Smartphones are manufactured by VinSmart, which is part of the Vingroup group of companies. A few words should be said about the latter. In her...


Old smartphones will lose support for WhatsApp

Alas. The developers of the popular WhatsApp messenger announced the imminent end of support for older operating systems. Under the "distribution" were all obsolete smartphones with Windows Phone, iOS 8...


I bought an iPhone 11 Pro for 90 thousand. And it is not updated

What just did not. “I love iPhones for their stability and seamlessness.” This can often be heard from fans of the iPhone, who do not even want to look towards...


Dark Mode, online radio stations and Chromecast support added to Apple Music app for Android

Yesterday Google announced the appearance of a dark theme for the Gmail mobile application, both for Android and iOS, after which Apple decided to please the owners of Android smartphones...


Samsung Galaxy S11 will receive a screen with a refresh rate of 90/120 Hz

Samsung's flagship promises to be interesting. At least half a year remains before the release of the Samsung Galaxy S11 line. However, details about the news pop up on the...


Huawei introduced new flagships – Mate 30 and Mate 30 Pro

Newly made smartphones. Today, September 19, Huawei at an official event in Munich presented to the public its new smartphones – the Mate 30 and Mate 30 Pro. As previously...


The end of the iPhone SE era. Smartphone disappears from sale

So what's now? 4-inch iPhone SE is almost no buy. The smartphone disappeared from sale at all authorized Apple retailers in Russia and most other countries. The stocks of the...


Windows 10 gets tighter integration with Android

Windows 10 is getting better. The Apple ecosystem is unrivaled. All devices of the company, whether it is iPhone, iPad or Mac, work flawlessly in conjunction and separately. But competitors,...

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