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Everything we know about the Apple Watch Series 5

Apple's new smartwatch may be released as early as next month. Apple usually presents new versions of its Apple Watch in September, so with a high probability Apple Watch Series...


For the second quarter of this year, 12.3 million smart watches were sold (an increase of 44%), with Apple, Samsung and Fitbit leading the way.

Research company Strategy Analytics published a report for the second quarter of 2019, according to which over the period 12.3 million smart watches were sold worldwide, which is 44% higher...


Apple stopped listening to Siri requests

Similarly, the voice assistant quality control program has been temporarily suspended. An early edition of the Guardian wrote that contractors gain access to voice requests from users of Apple gadgets....


Ming Chi Kuo: Apple iPhone will receive a fingerprint scanner under the display in 2021

Apple plans to significantly upgrade the Touch ID biometric identification system, but only on the 2021 iPhone models. This is stated by the famous analyst Ming-Chi Kuo. According to the...


Apple has suspended listening to user requests for Siri speech analysis contractors

Apple has suspended Siri's quality control program, in which contractors listen to some user requests. About this writes TechCrunch with reference to the statement of the company. According to an...


Parus Holding accused Apple of patent infringement. What will happen now?

Apple was sued, accusing the use of someone else's intellectual property. The company Parus Holding sued Apple, accusing the latter of using someone else's intellectual property. This is a patent...


Apple chief designer Joni Ive leaves the company. He decided to create his own design studio LoveFrom

Apple today made a very unexpected and important announcement, announcing the departure of one of the key top managers. Apple's chief designer Joni Ive, the man who made the software...


Apple chose Kiev again to create a new advertisement for its product (AirPods headphones), Radioaktive Film took part in the filming

The other day, Apple released a new ad called Bounce / Jumping to promote its new AirPods wireless headset. The movie is notable for several aspects. First, it is black...


The real reasons for leaving Johnny Ive from Apple are named (briefly: Tim Cook "put him down")

The Friday news about the departure of Apple's Johnny Ive, who creates her own design company LoveFrom (Apple will be one of its main customers), came as a complete surprise...


Powerbeats Pro – Beats by Dr.Dre Wireless Headphones Review

Content 1 Completion and first impressions 2 Design and usability 3 Case 4 Functionality and control 5 Sound 6 Autonomy Truly wireless headphones began to appear relatively recently. Before that,...

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