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A reminder for Trump? Apple said it has created more than 2.4 million jobs in the US alone

Apple has published a voluminous press release in which it spoke about its role in creating jobs in the US home market. It begins with an inspiring story about how,...


According to Strategy Analytics, sales of smart speakers doubled – up to 30.3 million units. All major manufacturers, including Apple, significantly increased supplies.

Experts at Strategy Analytics have published a quarterly report on sales of smart speakers (those that, as recent events show, “listen” to users very carefully). The statistics collected by Strategy...


Apple accused of stealing technology for creating dual cameras

This has never happened, and here again. Apple has filed another lawsuit related to patent infringement. This time, the company is accused of stealing technology to create dual-camera smartphones. The...


Everything we know about the Apple Watch Series 5

Apple's new smartwatch may be released as early as next month. Apple usually presents new versions of its Apple Watch in September, so with a high probability Apple Watch Series...


Trump has postponed the introduction of import duties on Chinese goods until the Christmas holidays

The US Presidential Administration decided to postpone until December 15 the introduction of new duties on consumer electronics imported from China, thereby giving gadget manufacturers a delay. In a statement,...


In the United States, it was banned to transport Apple MacBook Pro laptops that are subject to recall due to battery problems

Despite the fact that in June Apple launched a program for free replacement of batteries of a limited number of MacBook Pro laptops, which are prone to overheating and even...


“For your safety”: Apple explained why it displays a service message about unauthorized battery replacement in iPhone

Exactly a week ago, we wrote that Apple began to display a service warning to iPhone owners who replaced the smartphone’s battery with an unauthorized service. The message does not...


Microsoft admitted to listening to user calls to the Cortana assistant and conversations via Skype Translator

So, what most people have long suspected has now been officially recognized – leading technology companies that develop virtual voice assistants and intelligent speech translators listen to user-issued commands. Following...


Should I really charge the iPhone with only my own charge?

We answer – no! There is a surprisingly widespread belief that smartphones should be charged exclusively with the native chargers included. And if, suddenly, the power adapter is broken, you...

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